How to Win?

Are you a then you are a Winner

### Hello everyone! I’m the founder of, and I have an exciting offer for all of our fans out there! We are giving away free raffle tickets to anyone who creates a video about our amazing online shopping platform.

### To win, all you have to do is create a video or post about your experience shopping on and why you love our platform. Then, send us the link to your video and your choice of raffle ticket to [email protected]

Not only that, you can be our affiliate too, any sale from your affiliation code, we will pay you a commission of 25%, in order to get the money, you must sell at least 25 ticketsĀ 

### If we love your video and think it will inspire others to shop on, we will reward you with a free raffle ticket of your choice from our actual raffles on the site. That’s right, you can choose which raffle you want to enter and increase your chances of winning big prizes such as a car, van, cash, and more!

###So start creating your video now and send us your entry to [email protected] for a chance to win big! We can’t wait to see your entries and reward you with free raffle tickets. #WinBig #Raffle #OnlineShopping #AmazingPrizes #rafflePhilippines